ASEM Villa


ASEM VILLA is the head of state mansion of the 9th ASEM, and during this summit there have over 40 heads of states staying in the ASEM VILLA. With the beautiful surroundings, perfect facilities, and heartfelt services, ASEM VILLA, as the nation’s image, has won the praise from all heads of the states and the honored guests.

Glory·VNW(Vientiane New World)

ASEM VILLA is invested and developed by a global enterprise—CAMCE. It is the first phase of VNM project. VNW is located at Mekong River with President Palace in the east, including charm hall, shopping mall, cinema, business building, hotel, and garden-like residential. It is the first world-class modernized downtown in Laos.

Luxurious·ASEM VILLA

ASEM VILLA located in the centre of VNW, consisting of one chamber (3855㎡) and 50 villas (1000~1300㎡). The villas all have fine decoration with a luxurious parlor of 7.2M high, living room, tea room, and private swimming pool. The villas are constructed in 3 different styles: Laos style, tropical style, and modern style.

Honorable·Private chamber

ASEM VILLA private chamber has dining room, coffee room, swimming pool, fitness center, SPA room, and shopping zone, and it also has the facilities to serve the business conference in it. In the chamber, Prime Minister Tongxin, the prime minister of Laos held the unveiling ceremony of ASEM VILLAcompletion; Prime Minister Gillard, the prime minister of Australia held a news conference……ASEM VILLA private chamber represents the most honorable social life circle in Vientiane Laos!